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How can I earn here?

Earning at tradeXpamm is as simple as the 3 steps you will find right here:

  • Make a deposit with the minimum of just $5;
  • Wait 1 hour to get your first profit;
  • Keep earning 7 days and get your deposit percentage increased from 0.5% up to 3.6% a day, and the accruals intervals shortened to just 1 minute!

Affiliate earnings

At tradeXpamm we’re offering additional opportunities to these who’re interested in having larger profit. It works as following:

  • Invite a friend and get 0.5% award of his deposit immediately;
  • As long as your partner “pumps” and keeps his deposit you get your daily affiliate commissions grow up (0.6% for second day, 0.7% on 3rd, 0.8% on 4th, 1% on 5th, 1.1% on 6th, 1.3% on 7th day), so you get 6% commissions in total from your first level only;
  • Enjoy the tradeXpamm 3 level affiliate program with the profit of 6% from the 1st level partners, 3% from the 2nd level, and 1% from the 3d level ones.
Take the 1st lap

Calculate your deposit temperature

The sliders below illustrate how your deposit is heating up. Drag the investment day slider to know your daily percentage, accruals period, affiliate commission for the day of your partners deposit. The redder the slider is - the hotter is your deposit!

Investment day
Accruals period
Affiliate commission

At tradeXpamm we're proud of our results

Join the friendly team of our investors and become a part of tradeXpamm successful clients that enjoy fast and secure earning every day!


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Deposits made


Profit received


Funds withdrawn

The minimal investment amount depends on the investment currency. You can find the minimal investment amounts along with the minimal withdrawal amounts on Payment Limits page.

After you create a deposit your profit will make 0.5% on the first day and will gradually increase up to 3.6% during the next 7 days. On the 8th day and further you will keep receiving 3.6% a day.

Moreover, along with your percentage your accruals frequency will grow as well. Thus you'll start with hourly accruals on the 1st day and reach the speed of 1 minute by the end of the 7th day. On the 8th day and further you will keep receiving profit once per minute.

ATTENTION! In case you withdraw any part of your deposit your daily percentage will come back to the ground zero - you will start again from 0.5% a day with 1 hour accruals frequency.

The tradeXpamm affiliate program has 3 levels with the following conditions: 1st level profit - 6%, 2d level profit - 3%, 3d level profit - 1%

Once your invited friend makes a deposit you will immediately receive 0.5% of his deposit amount, and will keep your award growing day by day as following:

0.6% on the second day, 0.7% on the third day, 0.8% on the forth day, 1% on the fifth day, 1.1% on the sixth day, and 1.3% on the seventh day. This will finally make 6% in total. The same principle is applicable for the 2nd and 3d level.

2nd level: 0.25% on the first day, 0.30% on the second day, 0.35% on the third day, 0.40% on the forth day, 0.50% on the fifth day, 0.55% on the sixth day, and 0.65% on the seventh day. Which makes 3% in total.

3d level: 0.05% on the first day, 0.08% on the second day, 0.11% on the third day, 0.14% on the forth day, 0.17% on the fifth day, 0.20% on the sixth day, and 0.25% on the seventh day. Which makes 1% in total.

ATTENTION! In case your invited friend withdraws any part of his deposit, your daily percentage will come back to the ground zero and you will start from 0.5% again.

tradeXpamm is a powerful instrument using a number of bots to make profit on trading platforms and exchange services. Our tool will bring you the stable and constant profit in the shortest time frames.

The profit withdrawals are performed in instant mode excluding the situations requiring additional investigation, for example the violation of KYC / AML rules.

The platform doesn’t charge any additional fees for profit withdrawals.

The deposit withdrawal procedure will take up to 48 working hours and the fee will make 10% of the withdrawal amount.

Spend a little money to make a lot of money!

Start investing with tradeXpamm that will provide you with the fastest and easiest way to getting really good profit whatever your deposit size is. All you need is to reach speeds.

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